Family of Chicago police commander killed in the line of duty sues online gun marketplace


A federal lawsuit has been filed against the online gun dealer Armslist for facilitating the sale of a handgun that was used in the 2018 fatal shooting of on-duty Chicago police Cmdr. Paul Bauer.

The lawsuit was filed in Milwaukee federal court on behalf of the family of Bauer, who was allegedly shot and killed by a convicted felon in February 2018 in the Loop.

The lawsuit was filed by Brady, which has brought numerous other lawsuits that target the gun industry for negligence that leads to gun violence, including against Armslist.

The journey of the Glock 26 9 mm was detailed in a 2018 Tribune story that revealed how the so-called Baby Glock was passed along through both licensed and private sales until it wound up in the hands of a Wisconsin man who regularly sold guns over Armslist and, allegedly, into the hands of Shomari Legghette, a four-time felon, the lawsuit alleges.

The fact that the gun wound up in the hands of Legghette, who was prohibited from owning a gun as a convicted felon, is a result of Armslist’s practice of allowing private sellers to sell guns anonymously and without the oversight required at federally licensed dealers, including keeping sales records and doing background checks, according to the lawsuit.

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